Survey & Certificate Management System – For Open Registry Classification Society

A Web based & device compatible highly automated solution that encompasses the necessary processes for managing the ships’ Statutory Surveys, including Class Surveys, ISM & ISPS Audits and Certification management for the “Open Registry Classification Society”.
From Survey request to issuance of Certificates – Made easy online.

  • Bi-Lingual compatible, Auto tracking and alerting of Ships’ Surveys & Certificates Status.
  • Classification Society defined masters.
  • Classification Society specific checklist /standing instruction for each Survey & Certificate.
  • Classification Society specific Certificate Template(s).
  • Certificate Template with automatic version control.
  • Built in Plan Approval processes.
  • Database of Owners /Managers / Operators, Ships, Surveyors / Representatives.
  • Alertboard notification & Custom development of Business Intelligence.
  • Mapping of Surveys / Certificates and Representative with Vessels.
  • Automatic mailing of Ship’s Status of Statutory Surveys & Class Survey.
  • Automatic mailing of Statutory Survey Status to the Flag State Administration.
  • Ability to record, track, follow up and close Condition of Class imposed by the Class.
  • Auto notification of CoC to Ship Owners /Managers.
  • Ability to record, track, follow up and close PSC deficiencies /detentions.
  • Day to day processes made efficient, reliable and easy with automation.
  • Single database, data accuracy

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