Crew Knowledge Assessment

A web-based solution, for the Crewing companies, Technical Management / Ship management companies and maritime training academies. It works on board ship or and at the shore office and in the cloud or on premise. A simple and easy to set up Assessment Software, build your own MCQ question bank as you use, from pre-recruitment to promotion to vessel specific. Create your own purpose, create your own scoring, timing and start using it.


Define subjects, questions type, difficulty level etc,

Setting up of designation based questions and/or subject based questions,

Define Questions level,

Configure Assessment/Test type,

Configuring the Interactive Question & Answer with multiple questions types such us Multi Choice, True or False etc,

Defining Question Randomization for each Assessment or test to choose the no of questions for the assessment for various level and setting up of pass criteria.

Allocation of Assessment/Test to crew at various stages such as crew on leave or crew joining the vessel (during briefing) or to crew after completion of specific training program etc,

Assessment Test – Completion of test via online or at office (for the crew joining the vessel during briefing).

Automatic mail on completion of the Assessment/test with assessment report.

Test Report on completion of the assessment.

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