Cargo Stowage Planner (CSP) is an Optimization Engine, that helps the Port Captains /Stevedores for deriving at optimal Loading and Discharging plan for HRC and CRC cargoes.

This solution provides a schematic output showing various data pertaining to the ship and the cargoes.

  • End user can plan the intake calculation for ‘n’ number of vessels across the fleet.
  • Intake calculation will consider the multi port loading and multi port discharging & compute stowage plan accordingly.
  • Particular stowage plan can be applied to multiple ships and multiple times for a particular ship.
  • Pre-defined output will be generated in excel format for final approval process
  • End user can transfer the data from one ship to another and make amend as necessary
  • Option to define the color code for various ports (port of loading and discharging)
  • Option to view the loading process based on various Tier combinations
  • During the stowage planning, Intake calculator automatically computes & provide Alert when the threshold of the Tank top strength is crossed.
  • Displays Cargo hold wise distribution based on Weight or no of coils
  • Displays POL hold wise distribution based on Weight or no of coils

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