ABA Tech’s ShipManager is a web based Maritime ERP Solution that captures the entire business process of a Ship Manager/Owner/Operator.
ABATech ShipManager has built-in configurations allowing customers to customize the solution to fit their individual needs, both offshore and onshore. ABATech ShipManager is a standardized yet flexible solution to meet the work processes of the customer. Customers can purchase the entire ABATech ShipManager suite or choose specific modules that reflect their immediate needs and add others when they require.
ABATech ShipManager is based on decades of customer driven research and incorporates many functional enhancements based on feedback from current customers. With an advanced user interface based on the Windows® standard, ABATech ShipManager was written from the ground up in the ASP.NET language, on Microsoft .NET architecture, and supports SQL database.
ABATech ShipManager evolves continuously to suit industry and customer needs, and the modules have built-in configurations for customization to handle various facets of operational management for a vessel from keeping track of regulatory requirements, to managing crew and payroll, to organizing maintenance programs and audits.
ABATech ShipManager is fully integrated modules synchronize management systems, operations and onboard personnel details across the entire fleet into a seamless, centralized information stream that can help enhancing crew productivity while reducing operating cost. It eliminates the need for repetitive data entry, allowing users to move easily between modules and provides quick access to the data they need through information sharing across modules.
ABATech ShipManager also allows users to accomplish a variety of tasks, including tracking and purchasing inventory; evaluating costs and overdue jobs; conducting audits and interfacing data with corporate financial systems.

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